Pvc Compaunding Mixer- Gravimetric Mixer Loading System-automatic Pvc Distrubution System

Omega ltd has been also supplying pvc compaunding mixers to its pvc using customers for pvc pipe, hose, film production.


Against quality control problems we are manufacturing gravimetric  mixer loading systems for both likuids and powders.

Also our pvc distrubution system between mixer and extruders are very user friendly against material lost and  to keep envoirment clean which is very important for both human health and envoirment .

Double vessel pvc compaunding mixer technical specification

  • double wall , stainless steel  ,cold and hot vessels
  • highly effective henscel type mixing knifes
  • low electric consumption

Tip: omix -3

Kapasite: 300 kg/saat

Tip: omix-4

Kapasite:  400 kg/saat

Tip: omix- 5

Kapasite:  500 kg/saat

Tip: omix -6

Kapasite: 600 kg/saat

Tip: omix-7

Kapasite: 700 kg/saat

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